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The Memoir of Arthur Lanning Jay Bynum

The Memoir of Arthur Lanning

Jay Bynum

Published July 11th 2008
ISBN : 9781436333610
216 pages
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 About the Book 

Arthur Lanning, a high school dropout, is responsible for several best sellers- many have won important book awards. For all his macho experiences (a Navy Cross at Midway, surviving an airplane crash in Australia, sponsoring Aborigines as well as American Hispanics, marrying a naïve college girl) he is able to keep his private motives hidden. His sudden suicide secures for young professor Zack Thohus the enviable task of researching and writing his biography. Zack finds the cause of a marriage never consummated and evidence to invalidate the origin of some great literature, maybe. And the definition of shameless sex based on truth and love.